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About the business

I am Dave Angel, sole photographer for Deja View Photography. This page will tell you some about our business.

We are in business to help you make memories.

I specialize in portraits and events. I especially love taking pictures of people, and of course make my living selling prints and other services to each of you. I photograph all assignments myself, and avoid any "assembly line" approach to photography. I have two "styles" of photography, which I simply call portrait and event. The intent of a portrait is to make you look good (or upon request, to achieve some other effect), while the intent of an event is to capture the moment, with as little intrusion as possible.

All prints are done by a professional lab, on chemical paper (not inkjet). Color corrections, retouching, and cropping are done manually, by me, not automatically by some machine.

I keep my costs down so I can charge as little as possible. I allow the customer to make up his own packages, rather than restricting to pre-configured packages. My studio (air conditioned) is located at my residence in eastern Mechanicsville. I travel to the customer's location if desired, as long as it's not too far from Mechanicsville or Richmond, VA. You should have fun during the photo session, you should enjoy the proofs (on computer), and you should love the prints. If I can't make all these things happen, you deserve your money back.

If you are unsatisfied with your studio session, with the proofs, or with the final prints, let me make it right by redoing it, or giving you your money back. If the photo session or event was out of studio, normally all but $50 is refundable. But I'd still rather fix whatever the problem is, and make you happy with the pictures.

I do not normally have a makeup artist or wardrobe person with me, but you're welcome to bring them yourself. Bring multiple changes of clothes, to achieve different looks. For portraits of individuals and couples, two costume changes are no charge. For a portrait, the price includes all normal retouching, color correction, and special effects. Whether the correction involves removal of acne, shaving cuts, or losing a few pounds, I can do it for you.

The studio is a member in good standing of Better Business Bureau.

The studio is located in eastern Mechanicsville, in the Old Church area.

Deja View is a pun on the French term déjà vu (approximately deja vu), and is a play on the concept of viewing your memories after the fact.

call me at: 804-779-3397
in Mechanicsville Virginia
or email me: davea@dejaviewphoto.com

Dave Angel

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About the photographer, Dave Angel

My wife and I moved to Virginia from New Hampshire in the fall of 2004, establishing Deja View Photograhy at that time. Previously, I had a career in developing computer firmware and software, with a sideline business of photography. In that previous life, I achieved some recognition including nine U.S. patents (see www.uspto.gov ).

As a boy, I had my own black and white darkroom, and in high school, created and printed photographs for the school newspaper. I've enjoyed taking family, vacation, and nature pictures throughout my life. But gradually, I realized I enjoyed the people interaction of picture taking more than the computer interaction of developing software. The result was coursework in Boston, part time photography, then the leap into full time photography. That leap was done simultaneously with the move to Virginia. Both my daughters and their families have also moved here, one before us, and the other since then.

I am an active member of IEEE, NAPP, PPA, and VPPA. The latter, Virginia Professional Photographer's Association, is headquartered right here in Richmond.

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About the website

This site is kept simple for several reasons. The first is that our specialty is images on paper, not on screen. Second is that many people use dial-up connections to the internet, and I've tried hard to keep the page load times quick. Third is that browsers vary in their ability to correctly parse various html and css constructs. This site was designed for and tested with Internet Explorer 6, and Firefox 2.0. You won't need plugins, ActiveX controls, or extensions. Finally, by doing the website myself, I keep our costs down. It is my first effort in website programming, though, so any constructive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions for additions. email webmaster

Colors on a website are very much at the mercy of the user's monitor. All images are converted to the sRGB color space before placing here, and they look good on our monitors. But just as televisions in an electronics store all show different colors for the same TV show, so all your computers will vary in their display of these images.

Sizes are somewhat under your control. Images and thumbnails are fixed in size, and I keep them small for fast downloads. However, text can be scaled up or down, by using your browser controls. In Firefox, simply use "Control Plus" and "Control Minus" to make text larger and smaller. In Internet Explorer, use menu View->TextSize. Please let me know if your browser doesn't work properly, either with default sizes, or after changes.

I am grateful for the many people who have given me explicit permission to use images taken of them. If your likeness is on this site and you do not want it here, please let me know, and I'll remove it. Conversely, if we've taken images of you, and you think a particular one belongs on this site, let us know, and I may add it.

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